Every phone needs that one game to unwind, to play when you only have but a few minutes or even seconds. Traditionally, that game has been Snake. The capabilities of the iPhone have greatly improved over earlier phones, and with new technology came a multitude of new games and applications that are very cool, complex, and graphically awesome.

Basic Snake is not one of those games. Instead, it aims to be as simple of a game as possible, trying to keep the interface non-cluttered but yet also more-or-less keep up with a visual appeal of the iPhone. It does not aim to be retro, just simple.

Start the application, press "New Game" and you're ready! Navigate the snake around the screen and into red blocks to increase your score as well as the length of the snake. Use swipe gestures to change the snake's direction and rank up as much points as possible before it collides with itself or the boundaries of the screen. If you ever need to take a break in the middle of the game, use the Pause button in the bottom right corner to temporarily suspend the game. When the game ends, your score will be recorded and you are ready to start again! To adjust to a variety of skill levels, options are available to turn the boundaries on or off as well as increase the speed of the snake. The harder the settings, the more points apples are worth.

Basic Snake now finally comes with OpenFeint support, so you can see how your score ranks up against your friends or other players on the OpenFeint network. If you have any problems, issues, commends, or suggestions, feel free to contact the developer any time at dbystrit@gmail.com

Have fun!